Veridian sustains MVNOs with a full service cycle, from business preparation to the technical integration and service design to market launch and business development.

1. Business preparation

In any business, the preparation and strategic and financial planning are the first steps towards success. Whether it’s about an idea or about refining an existing plan, Veridian helps the companies interested to become MVNOs. Veridian expertise expands to both the strategic and financial component, and to the support for complying with the telecom specific legislation.

MVNO strategy and elaborating the business model proposal

  • Review of MVNO strategy
  • Define the market and target segments
  • Review the strategic options
  • Finalise the business model

Financial modelling

  • Build the model
  • Align the assumptions and variables in financial modelling
  • Results and recommendations

Starting from a solid business model, a future virtual operator has increased chances in negotiating the network access contract with a mobile operator. The assistance provided by Veridian in defining the strategy and during the negotiation process simplifies these steps and reduces the time until the final contract is signed.

2.Technical integration and service design

Once the strategy is defined, Veridian works together with the virtual operator in order to implement the business approach. All the MVNO specific items are finalized and implemented in this stage.


  • Connection with the host operator

Service definition and structure

  • Customise the voice services (short numbers, zero cost numbers, call forwarding)
  • SMS / MMS services
  • Internet services


  • Define the prices for the services offered
  • Define the offers and packages
  • Life cycle of products and SIM cards

Management of SIM cards

  • Order the SIM cards
  • Activate the numbers in the mobile operator’s network

Personalise IT applications and branding

  • CRM system
  • „My account” web system
  • USSD / SMS applications

3. Market launch and business development

Veridian Systems covers all the business processes of MVNOs, providing the entire technological platform and the related IT systems while securing their functioning at the same time. The mobile virtual network operators may thus focus on business development, leaving the technical processes to Veridian Systems.

IT Platform

  • Real time tracking of the costs related to pre-paid voice, data and SMS services
  • Administration of tariffs and offers
  • Charge the pre-paid services and the ones invoiced on a monthly basis
  • Generate monthly invoices
  • Payment administration by means of re-charge or invoices and late payments supervision
  • Means for provisioning the network users
  • Automatic CRM and loyalty mechanisms
  • Open interfaces for the integration with the mobile operator’s systems, such as a CRM system or an existing invoicing system
  • Management of distribution network, partners, as well as commissions
  • Management of SIM cards and numbering resources
  • Reports on systems and services’ quality or business reports
  • Means for users to check their personal account through: SMS, phone menu, automatic voice interaction, Web portal or social networks

Telecommunications platform

  • Connectivity with the host operator’s systems
  • Interconnection with national and international operators
  • International roaming services

Technical services

  • Management and maintenance of the technical platform
  • Dedicated Call Center assistance for MVNO’s users
  • Configuration / personalization of voice, data and SMS services per MVNO
  • Integration with MVNO’s IT platforms
  • Technical support for the MVNO’s personnel

Other services

  • Advice along the negotiations with the mobile operator in order to sign the network access contract
  • SIM cards acquisitions and personalisation
  • Pre and post market launch business advisory services
  • Advice with respect to business regulations and assistance in relation to communications authorities
Veridian Systems offers you the necessary resources for the successful launch and development as MVNO, including a modern and complete technological platform, before and after launch advisory services and technical support.