As MVNE, Veridian Systems functions as an interface between mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and mobile network operators (MNOs), intermediating and managing the business relations between them. Veridian platform allows the MVNOs to launch on the market at minimum financial investments, without resources with telecom expertise being necessary, while the MNOs are granted support for an easy management of the partnerships concluded with multiple MVNOs without additional investments



Business system

  • Customer management – CRM type system allowing the management of information and relations with users
  • Business reports – reporting platform offering the virtual operator information on business performance; the system allows the personalisation of reports and new reports to be defined
  • Dealer management – allows the definition of dealer and distributor network, sales tracking and calculation of fees to partners
  • Offer/Product Management – system allowing the definition of the service packages offered on the market
  • “My account” portal – Web application allowing users to manage their personal account, personalize the services and track the payment and call history
  • SIM card and number management – manages the life cycle of SIM cards from their production to market sale and deactivation; furthermore, this module implements the process necessary for number portability

Prepaid platform

  • Voucher management – system used for defining and producing vouchers for charging the pre-paid account or for payments
  • Charging – system for the definition and real time charging of service tariffs
  • OCS – real time charging service
  • USSD / SMS applications – applications based on SMS or USSD messages (*100# type) through which the users obtain information or manage their own account
  • Loyalty system – application allowing the definition, launch, monitoring and measurement of promotional and loyalty campaigns
  • Account management – system for managing pre-paid subscriber accounts
  • IN / SCP – Intelligent Network system managing/controlling the voice services
  • User data synchronization – integration level allowing the synchronization of service configurations between the MVNO and the MNO
  • Signaling – SS7 and IP signaling system necessary for the integration with the MNO’s infrastructure for real time management of voice, SMS / MMS and mobile Internet services

Mobile network operator

  • Provisioning interface – IT system necessary for the integration with the MVNO in order to synchronise service configurations
  • MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) – switching system for voice calls
  • GGSN (Gateway GPRS Service Node) – system managing mobile Internet traffic
  • MMSC (MultiMedia Service Centre) – system allowing the transmission of MMS messages
  • SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) – system allowing the transmission of SMS messages
  • HLR (Home Location Register) – central database of the mobile network operator
Veridian Systems offers a complete and modern technological platform assuring a quick market launch with low investments, as well as an easy management of MVNOs.

Benefits offered by Veridian:

  • No major investments are required to be made by mobile virtual operators
  • Quick time to market
  • Easy integration based on standard interfaces
  • Integrated management of functionalities
  • Intuitive interface for the configuration and management of tariffs and customers
  • Various tariff creation options
  • High flexibility for service generation
  • Scalability
  • High availability – redundant architecture, performance and error tolerance
  • Advanced functionalities – BSS / OSS systems, customer assistance systems etc.