Marian Velicu has an experience of more than 30 years on the Romanian telecommunications market. During this period, Marian worked both for the Ministry of Communications (6 years), as well as for one of the largest telecom operators, Vodafone (15 years).

Marian Velicu’s contribution to the development of the local telecommunications market is significant. It started back in 1990, when he participated to the elaboration of the legal framework for the liberalisation of the Romanian telecommunications market and continued with his involvement in the process of granting digital GSM mobile telephony licenses by the Romanian Government in 1996.

During May 1997 – April 2012, Marian Velicu was part of Vodafone Romania management team, where he acted as Director and Vice-president, being in charge of Strategy, Legal & Regulatory Affairs, Interconnection and Roaming and Corporate Affairs. During these 15 years he contributed to the successful implementation of the international transit services in 2003 after market liberalisation, to the launch of the Integrated Services Strategy and the entry on the fixed voice and data services market, to the acquisition of the 3G license in 2005 and of the right to operate 3G technology in GSM 900 MHz spectrum.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the telecom market and all the regulatory and operating issues in connection to the set-up and functioning of any type of MVNO, as General Manager of Veridian Systems, Marian is in charge with the development and implementation of Veridian strategy, offering specialised advice to the companies wishing to develop and operate MVNOs in Romania.