About us

Veridian Systems is a premiere on the Romanian telecommunications market, being the first Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) in the country. Our products and services are mainly directed to companies willing to attract new customers and/or to carry out loyalty programs for the existing ones by offering them mobile telephony services by means of their own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

MVNO market

The global telecommunications services market has been very active both in terms of developing new technologies, as well as participants. In the last years a new type of players has entered this market, the mobile virtual network operators, offering a large range of innovative services to some niche segments while using the networks of traditional mobile operators. A partnership concluded between the two types of operators is mutually beneficial: the MVNOs contribute to increased sales of mobile operators’ products and services within less tapped segments, as well as to speed up the adoption of mobile Internet services. On the other hand, the mobile virtual operators are protected against a series of risks triggered by their entry on the market and they may develop their business a lot faster, at low costs.

Veridian Systems is the entity intermediating this partnership, helping both the mobile operators and the MVNOs to develop their business, offering the latter the necessary resources – infrastructure, technical platform, relationship with mobile operators and official bodies – so as to facilitate a profitable collaboration for all the parties involved.

Global expertise, now local

Veridian Systems is based on Computaris experience of more than twenty years in the telecommunication industry. Part of R Systems Group, Computaris is a company specialised in system integration, technical advice and software development for the telecom area. Computaris has carried out successfully more than 200 projects for more than 70 operators in the entire world in the following areas: real time rating and charging, SMS, provisioning, data transfer, broadband management, loyalty and churn rate reduction systems.

Following the partnerships concluded with well known telecommunication companies in the country and abroad, Veridian Systems offers the entire infrastructure necessary for carrying out the activities specific to mobile virtual network operators, allowing them to focus on developing competitive product and service offerings, as well as on customer attrition and loyalty.

Veridian Systems teams is formed of specialists with extensive experience in telecommunications, IT, advisory and regulatory issues in the field. Our team is coordinated by Marian Velicu, one of the leaders of Romanian telecommunications industry who, in his more than 30 years of activity, had a significant contribution to the development of the local market while working for the Ministry of Communications and Vodafone Romania.

Veridian Platform is the result of Computaris experience of more than 20 years in the telecom area, having implemented more than 200 projects at mobile operators and MVNOs in the entire world.