Veridian Systems became the first Romanian MVNA

  • Veridian Systems became the first Romanian MVNA after concluding the MVNA agreement with Telekom Romania Mobile Communications S.A.;
  • As an integrator, Veridian Systems will offer to the virtual mobile operators the whole infrastructure necessary for developing the specific activities;
  • Veridian Systems offer includes a complete range of mobile telephony services, specially adapted for the companies who wish to integrate telecommunication services in their offer.


Veridian Systems concluded a MVNA agreement in October, this year with Telekom Romania Mobile Communications S. A. As a result, Veridian Systems could offer a complete range of mobile telephony services, alongside the features of Veridian platform.

Veridian targets especially the companies with big customer’s data base and which wants to add to their offers new services of mobile telephony in order to get new customers and / or to develop loyalty programs for the existing ones. Another important category that Veridian is targeting are those companies with a significantly volume of Machine 2 Machine (M2M) telecommunication needs, so that these may benefit of services and features of mobile telephony at very favorable prices.

Mr. Marian Velicu, Veridian Systems CEO mentioned that “the agreement concluded with Telekom Romania Mobile Communications represents the recognition of all the endeavors made in the last years allowing us to kick off the mobile virtual operators in less than 90 days”.

As an MVNA, Veridian Systems operates as an interface between Mobile Virtual Operators (MVNO) and traditional mobile operators MNO), by facilitating and managing the business relations between them. The Veridian platforms allows the mobile virtual operators to kick off more quickly on the market, without the need to appeal to an expert in telecom, while Telekom România Mobile Communications benefits of an easier partnership with mobile virtual operators.

The team of Veridian Systems is coordinated by Mr. Marian Velicu, one of the leaders of Romanian telecommunication industry, the promoter of developing the mobile virtual operators.

Bucharest, the 23rd of October, 2015.