Veridian Systems at “MVNOs World Congress 2013”

“MVNOs World Congress 2013”, an important event dedicated to the global MVNO market, was organised in Rome during 22-24 April 2013. Veridian Systems was present at the event in order to get information on the most recent evolutions on the international MVNO market, what are the growth opportunities, the technological developments impacting on the market and who were the most successful MVNOs of the last year.

The essential topics covered were:

• Where are the Growth Opportunities for the Global MVNO?
• How Will New Regulation Shape Global Telco Services?
• Unlimited Pricing – Great for the Customer – But What are the Economics for the MVNO?
• Why Every Major Challenger MNO Needs an MVNO
• Creating a Compelling Offering to Approach the MNO – Partnership not Threat
• Quadplay – Why Adding Mobile to the Offering Makes Good Sense
• How Does the MVNO Model Lend Itself to M2M?
• Disrupting the Wireless Industry with a Low-Cost, WiFi-Centric Offering
• What Opportunities Does LTE Throw up for MVNOs and MNOs?
• The impact of OTT on the MVNO market

More details on these topics and approaches may be found here: