Veridian Systems completed the first MVNE platform in Romania

Veridian Systems completed the platform based on which it will offer the services needed for the functioning of MVNOs. This platform also integrates the software solutions used for its hosting by a mobile network operator (MNO).

The platform offered by Veridian Systems offers the MVNOs all the functionalities needed for them to create their own mobile communication products and services, under their own brand, as well as the tariff plans for prepaid users. Based on such functionalities, the MVNOs may define their own sales and distribution strategy, will have detailed information on the target public and market segments, which they may use to develop efficient marketing, acquisition and loyalty campaigns. Moreover, all the processes related to invoicing, payments, customer and partner management, will be developed easily and in real time.

“Veridian Systems aims to become the main full service provider for all the companies willing to have their own MVNO with the help of an MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler). We have a turnkey solution, easy to deploy irrespective of the MVNO’s industry. The technical solution is enhanced by complementary services such as before and after launch advisory services and permanent support services. It is the first MVNE solution in Romania and we believe that we will contribute significantly to the development of the local MVNO market”, Marian Velicu, General Manager of Veridian Systems, stated.

Veridian platform is modular, flexible and allows a quick launch of services on the market. It has a redundant, capable and error-tolerant architecture and may be integrated easily, based on standard interfaces, with any mobile operator.

Veridian Platform functions on two layers: a business system and a technological platform. The business system is used by the MVNO for the implementation and monitoring of business processes, while also providing the informational support for the business decisions. The technological platform is managed by Veridian Systems and is used for the technical implementation of the business decisions, assuring the operational management of all the business processes.

By working together with an experienced MVNE, an MVNO reduces the risks related to market entry, as well as the financial, time and human resources invested in obtaining the specific know-how. Furthermore, by hosting an MVNE platform, the MNOs optimize their integration costs for each MVNO.

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