Veridian Systems announces the launch of the commercial services for MVNOs

  • Veridian Systems has completed the integration of its technological platform with Telekom Romania Mobile Communications network and launch commercial services for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO);
  • Veridian Systems brings to Romania an innovative concept that allows the integration and  the bundle of mobile services with products and services from other industries;
  • Veridian platform offer its customers the option to charge the mobile services  in local currency, a premier for Romanian market

Veridian Systems, the first Romanian Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA), announces the completion of the integration of its platform services with Telekom Romania Mobile Communications network and the launch of commercial services for MVNOs.

From now on, Veridian Systems offers to companies from different industries the opportunity to complement their services and products with mobile communications services in order to get new customers and / or to retain existing ones. Veridian offers, to those interested to become Mobile Virtual Network Operators, all functionalities and services in order to provide to their customers mobile communication services.

The commercial launch of Veridian platform brings to Romania a new and innovative business model, which bundle products and services from industries such as retail, banking, energy & utilities, pharma, etc. with mobile services, creating a unique package that bring more value to customers. Among the benefits that this mechanism brings to MVNO companies include the customer fidelity and new customers which will increase the revenue of the main business.

“We can say that the commercial launch of our platform will trigger the convergence between mobile and other industries. Thus, the Romanian mobile market is entering in to a new stage of evolution and development, following the example of Western European countries where MVNOs hold a market share between 10% – 40%. I am confident that the new business model, that bundle products and services from various  industries with their own mobile services, will encourage companies with a significant customers base to take the step to become Mobile Virtual Network Operators in order to retain customers and to generate additional revenue, “said Marian Velicu, CEO of Veridian Systems.

As a novelty for Romania, Veridian Systems offers its customers the possibility to charge the mobile services in RON, eliminating the currency risk for the end users.

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